Tu Ingles Sesion 70


In Tu Inglés Session 70, we are going to continue practicing pronunciation! Vamos a continuar con el tema de la pronunciación loca de inglés.

We are going to practice the various ways to pronounce the letter “S.”  We also practice the “UI” vowel blend and the “AI” vowel blend.  Also, we will learn the correct way to pronounce the “final M.”  Finally, we learn about a crazy combination: O-U-G-H.

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  1. Marc

    First of all thank you for you help with our English.
    In your programme 70 you say there are 9 sounds for the combination “ough”. In fact I only can find 6. (1 tough, 2 through, 3 dough, 4 thought, 5 cough and 6 hiccough) Please, could you send to me or say the other 3?)
    Thanks a lot, Brian & Cecilia from Barcelona (Spain)

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