Tu Ingles Sesion 71


In Tu Inglés Session 71, we are going to celebrate the holiday season with Mr. Butts and his mother! Te acuerdas del Señor Butts? El es el jefe de nuestra amiga en México, Cecilia. Vamos a ejercitar tu oído con una sesión avanzada – casi cien por ciento en inglés y llena de phrasal verbs … verbos con preposiciones! Pero no te estreses: una transcripcion de esta sesion esta disponible gratis haciendo click aqui.

Haz click en el player debajo para escuchar la sesion gratis!

Descarga la sesion aqui.

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  1. Juan Buitrago

    ¡Finally you came back!, I am Juan from Colombia, I wanted to thank you Bryan for your wonderful english lessons, I have listened to almost all of them, and of course i learned lots of new things. There are some damaged podcasts I suppose that`s because of the time, thank you bryan, thank you Cecilia, greetings from Colombia and Merry christmas. I hope you don`t stop doing these lessons.

    • Tu Ingles

      Hi Juan, thanks for your message. We are very happy to have you as a listener! What do you mean by “damaged” podcasts? El audio no funciona? Thanks!

      • Juan Buitrago

        Yes, the audio does not work, there are several lessons that can not be listened, for example some of the fifties and sixties.

        • Tu Ingles

          Juan, por casualidad usas Chrome como navegador? Me dicen que Chrome tiene problemas a veces con Flash o algo asi.

  2. Paco

    I’m glad you did not let this project to publish audio and transcripts in English. I really learn a lot. Happy Christmas Bryan and Cecilia .

  3. Ismael Orellanos

    Hi , i am so glad to see you come back with such a wonderful Podcast ,wow , i feel so proud to see how much impact all your Tu-ingles sesions have helped me to learn and get confident in my english learning path since 2011.

  4. Dasiel

    I totally agree with the preview messages. Tu Ingles´s an amazing place to learn English. Sesion 71 has lots new phrasal verbs for me such as: do without, get by, chop up and etc… God bless you.

  5. Peter

    Very happy to know from you again, I hope yo keep going with this excellent work on the 2014 year, Mr butts as funny as ever, thanks and we are looking forward to the next episode.

  6. Hola solo quería saludarlos bryan y Cecilia y decirles q este programa tu ingles es lo mejor q e encontrado para aprender ingles aún mejor q ingles sin barreras felicidades no dejen de hacerlo saludos desde arkansas usa

  7. Laura Diaz

    Finally we have a new lesson, I’ve been waiting for that a long time….But it was worth it because this was an amazing lesson, I really learnt a lot of new phrasal verbs, Greetings from Colombia! y Feliz año nuevo

  8. Alberto

    Hi Brian! I’m glad to hear from you again. Every day I listen your podcast while I driving to my work, and of course it has helped me a lot to improve my english. I appreciate a lot your help, so I want to thanks you and Cecilia. Maybe someday I could speak english as good as Cecilia’s english.

    I almost forget to tell you that your Spanish is so good, don’t give up and keep practice to achieve the fluency.

    Finally I hope you continue with the podcast as well as you have done. Greating from Venezuela and Happy New Year!!!

  9. Gogo

    Siempre he sido mala con el inglés, y aquí entre nos, no tienen mucho de que empece a escucharlos, la forma en que llevan la enseñanza para aprender inglés me a gustado y ustedes me han ayudado mucho, me encantan sus sesiones!.
    Espero algún día hablar, escribir y entender el inglés del todo.

    Saludos Cecilia y Brian.

    Felicidades y ojalá sigan adelante.
    *See you*

  10. Elena

    Dear Brian & Cecilia,
    Thanks a lot for your help with the sesions of ” tu ingles” , I appreciate very much your help and I hope that you come back very soon with the sesion 72¡
    Best regards,

  11. Edgar

    Hi Cecilia and Brian

    Thanks for help me in learning english. I would want to buy the transcriptions of the sesions.
    The transcriptions still are available?
    Please send me a answer

    I hope hear you very soon.


  12. Sol

    Hi!!! I has been waiting all the year for a new podscast! I like so much lessons with Brian and Cecilia, please do not abandon us!

  13. Ariana gomez

    I love this webside.I´ve been searching some good english programs, but this has exceeded my expectations.I would like to be in your club.Bryan is so attentive to the needs of Spanish-speakers.

  14. Cecilio

    Congratulations this is the best program
    than I had listened. I’m listening with this program
    For 45 days and it’s amazing.
    (Sorry if i make a mistake) I’m learning.

  15. Julian

    Hi Brian! i love to listen to your podcast, it’s very funny but i wonder, will you keeping on the lessons? i’m eager to hear you again. greetings from Colombia.

  16. Guadalupe

    Hola me llamo lupe y quisiera sacer si me pueden atudar estoy anciosa de aprender inglea pero me cuesta mucho trabajo aprenderlo ojala me pudieran ayudar gracias

  17. Wilson

    Hello guys, I just want to recognize the good way you use to teach English, i found on this a very friendly and applicable method to real situations. ¡Well done!

    Is the lesson 71 the final of the course? If yes, I encourage you to revamp the initiative.

  18. Thanks you Bryan and Cecilia for such a nice work !!! can’t belive it is done..!! no other public project in the near future? I will really miss new podcasts, allways a cool adventure travel around language, customs, amenities, traditions and usefull facts of english usage and american way of life. so …this is it? really? then, we just may look forward for your upcoming writer works, which we expect to be so well done and succesfull too..!!!!

  19. Rainiero familia

    Hola Bryant, como estas, sabes, escucho todos los día tu podcast, y realmente me ha sido de mucha ayuda y hasta ahora no he escuchado otro curso de ingles tan bueno como el tuyo. Te felicito espero que pronto puedas empiezar de nuevo. Si tiene otra pagina o cualquier proyecto parecido por favor hazmelo saber.

  20. Maria

    Brian, I am looking forward for a new episode, I really enjoy and learned a lot, I hope you continuous with your proyect, greetings from México

  21. Ariana Gomez

    Im very, very happy, this is the best english lesson ever.. Hace mucho estoy detrás de ustedes, pero no podía conseguir las lecciones, ahora si puedo escuchar las lecciones.. Me encanta escuchar la voz de Brian y Cecilia. Aunque estudié el idioma ingles, en esta clase siempre aprendo algo nuevo. I like it very much!

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